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Default Michigan trail survey.

Go big or at least have a cold one waiting for them when they bust their junk and have to fix it or load it on the trailer.

Don't worry there's still two tires on the ground.

"Life's goal is not to reach the grave safely in a well preserved body. But to slide in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "Holy Shit, what a ride."
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Hold my beer.
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1. From your perspective, what do you believe is going well with the DNR trails and/or the state forest campground program?

All that I am aware of is that trails are still being closed

2. In your opinion, what are the toughest challenges facing the trails/state forest campground program?

Keeping trails open and funding

3. What specific things do you feel could be improved upon to enhance Michigan's trail system?

Stiffer fines for people being destructive and abusive.

4. If money were no object (which it always is, but for the sake of creative thinking) what are your top three wish list items you feel would contribute to making Michiganís trail system world class?

Make it a mainstream attraction for tourist.
Rest areas with vending machines on the trails.
Better policing of the trails.

5. What do you perceive as the top obstacles to achieving your wish list and making improvements to the Michigan trail system?

Advertising and education.

6. What can we, the DNR, do to help your club/organization become more successful?

Incentives such as group rates on orv stickers

7. Please provide any other comments, suggestions, or ideas you have.

8. This survey is anonymous, but if you would like to share your name, organization you are representing, and a contact email, please feel free to do so.

I didn't enter this, but it is about all I have.
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