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Jeeppoor 03-19-2018 05:56 PM

2004 chevy silverado
Replaced the head light bulbs.
We have noticed over the years how they have seem to fade or be getting dimmer.
After doing some research I found out they start getting dimmer as they get older.
So I upgraded them.
....9006 ->9012 upgrade
Bumps 'em up from 1000 to 1850.
But, these^ will fade with time also.

Needed items;
2- Philips 9011 bulbs, high beam
2- Philips 9012 bulbs, low beam
Dremel style cut-off blade,
Razor knife blade,
And 1 Nickel
I used the cardboard box that Amazon shipped in and, using a nickel, traced the outline, twice, and cut out the 2 holes.
Insert the low beam (9006) bulb into the hole and making a template; trace the outline of the tabs
Extend the cut lines on the template
Insert the new 9012 bulb in the hole so itís protected. Holding the bulb in place, follow the template lines and with the dremel, cut down the center tab to match.
Insert and check fit.
Next, insert the high beam (9005) bulb into the 2nd hole, mark for your template, insert the new 9011 bulb and cut the center tab to match.
Insert new bulb.
Repeat for the 2 bulbs on the other side, and youíre done.

I just thought that this might help some of you that are running Chevy and GMC trucks, suvs.

Jeeppoor 03-20-2018 09:33 AM

These are the cats eye head lights.

swampjeep 05-29-2018 08:22 AM

Nice, thanks for posting.

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